Our Services.

Cadence has a wealth of experience across many project sectors including:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Health
  • Residential
  • Fitout

The Cadence point of difference is the process and expertise which are deployed to overcome project challenges that inevitably arise on all projects, some examples:

Design Management
With experience across many varying project big and small Cadence understands the importance of design management and coordination to achieve the desired brief and Principal Project Requirements (PPR). Balancing the design development process to achieve design intent, Compliance and Budget requirements is key to each project.

Value Management & Cost Planning
Balancing the projects PPR when developing the design together with considering the budget constraints of a project at an early phase assists in ensuring the project runs smoothly and is delivered on time and on budget key to any project. This is one of cadences strengths having been involved in the design process of every project delivered is a key factor in why we can deliver projects to a high standard with efficient cost whilst painting Architectural intent and good work practices.

Environmentally Sustainable Design
Cadence understands the importance of achieving Environmentally sustainable on all projects. There are the strict compliance issues on all projects, whether it is GBCA, Nathers or Basix compliance is a tick in the box process.

Furthering this and considering

Safety in Design and Construction
Cadence has a Zero tolerance approach to safety. Considerations need to be taken early in the design phase of projects to ensure safety in design is considered. Balancing design intent with construction methodology is key to all projects. Having the expertise to appreciate how elements need to be built safely and providing this insight early in the design process has its obvious benefits.

Cadence has an accredited Integrated Management System which all staff and subcontractors are familiar and must adhere to in all onsite activities.

Deep Excavations
Many of our projects being infill locations have had deep excavations with tight proximity to boundaries. Managing Deep excavations is a key risk where the expertise here are invaluable to certain projects. One of our award-winning projects involved a deep excavation adjoining one of Sydney’s busies roads with an adjoining state significant heritage Post World War one Sandstone cottage. The project also involved an upgrade to a Sydney water Main infrastructure that dissected the site. Cadence delivered the works overcoming all issues a very challenging project that was delivered successfully and the recipient of construction awards via the MBA  and urban design recognition via the UDIA.

High Traffic Environment / Live Sites
Stakeholder engagement and communication with neighbours and authorities is becoming a more critical part of certain projects. Cadence has the experience to manage these sometimes-precarious projects to minimise disruptions and deliver the works safely and to good industry practice.

Managing these aspects of a project can turn a potential risk into and opportunity where projects delivery can thrive.

Civil Aviation Services Australia
Having been through the challenges of gaining CASA approval on previous projects, Cadence has the experience in preparing the relevant aviation documentation including aeronautical studies and construction methodologies in order to help gain approval for encroachments both temporary and permanent

Civil / Roadworks and Infrastructure Relocations
More and More projects involve Works outside the boundary of the site, this may include roadworks, relocation of services including communication, Gas, Power, Water etc. Cadence understands the complexities and lead times to getting approval for these works having completed many projects with complex road upgrades, land dedications and services adjustment required.

The expertise acquired in delivering these projects is invaluable and assists to save time as we streamline the process and understand the complexities to successfully deliver these and help deliver a successful project.

Cadence is well versed in liaising with the regular authorities such as RMS, Communication providers (Telstra, NBN/ TPG etc), Gas Infrastructure owners and electricity providers. Identifying scope of works required for each project early and planning the approval and delivery works is key on all projects.